Guide curves for stylised/cartoony hair in Maya

Quick screencap of my workflow on how to create guide curves for stylised hair in Maya.

1. Sculpt your hair
2. Select your sculpted hair
3. Under your rendering tab > Paint Effects > Make Paintable
4. Paint Effects tool
5. Draw Paint Effects strokes onto your mesh
6. Modify > Convert > Paint Effects to Curves
7. Delete your Paint Effects strokes
8. Ungroup the newly created groups twice
9. Select your curves and rebuild them. More CVs mean more definition but are harder to control.
10. Modify your curves to your liking. I find that using the Edit Curves > Selection > Select first CVs works really well to stick your hair back onto the head if you play with the soft select tool.

Make sure there are curves in the middle of the hair as well – You want the hair to have some volume instead of just being a "layer" of hair.

Done! Now just plug these into your hair system of choice and enjoy.

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