Either outside taking pictures or inside waiting for render buckets.
Beyond passionate about shading, lighting and rendering. I also have a special interest in writing high performance lens shaders.


Technical Shading at Apple (current position)

Lentil // Developing bidirectional camera shader for Arnold (current position)

JIBARO (2022) // Surfacing Supervisor at Pinkman.tv (Alberto Mielgo's studio)

Superpets (2021) // Technical Shading at Animal Logic

Lego Movie 2 (2019) // Technical Shading at Animal Logic

Love, Death and Robots (2019, The Witness) // Surfacing Supervisor

Amusement Park (2018) // Lighting & Compositing at Ilion Animation

Goosebumps (2016) // Creature sculptor at MPC

Deep (2016) // Modeler at GRID Animation

Featured in

Artwork: Mars 2030

3D Artist magazine // Showcase section
3D World magazine // 3 Page tutorial

Artwork: Self Portrait

3D World magazine // 3 Page tutorial

Artwork: Path Tracer

3DTotal Excellence Award & featured on front page
3DCreative magazine // Cover page artwork & 5 Page tutorial
3D Artist magazine // Technique focus
3D World magazine // Showcase section

Artwork: Still Life

3DTotal Excellence Award & Tutorial featured on front page
Anders Langlands’ alShader Library landing page artwork

Artwork: Internet Explorer

CreativeBloq article on how to get started in the animation industry

Artwork: Gauthier the Happy Chef

3D Artist Magazine – Gallery section
3DTotal Excellence Award / Featured on front page
Brazil Digital Mag: 3 page article on the process of creating Gauthier the Happy Chef

Artwork: Anatomy For the Artist

3D World Magazine – First two pages of the showcase section.

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