For the past 2 years, I’ve commuted from home to school and back by train. Because I don’t like to waste a lot of time, I read a lot of anatomy books during these trips. This, as you would expect, did not go without the strange looks of people I did not know. The picture basically tries to capture how I think these people saw me while reading my precious Anatomy for the Artist bibles.

I’d also like to thank the amazing digital artist Dylan Pierpont for letting me use his brilliant piece of concept art, on which this image is based.

Maya – Zbrush – Arnold

August – October 2013






3D World Magazine wanted to feature the piece, and to my surprise they gave me a full-on 2 page article, right at the start of the magazine! Extremely honoured that they gave me this opportunity.



Clay render printed on canvas, hanging in my parent’s lounge. It’s incredible how much support I get for what I do from my family and friends.


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