Integration update!

Testing out sony’s spi-anim OCIO profile instead of the standard 2.2 gamma within Nuke. Works pretty well, getting much nicer (non blown out) highlights. Awesome!

Next up should be adding some dried paint, maybe a hair, some dust particles – just that sort of stuff! Also still need to sculpt some zdisp splatter maps for a couple of the tubes.


Composition testing

Testing out how I want the composition to be. Think I will keep it simple.

Also figured out today how to get the reflections of the projected environment without getting the diffuse rays, which means this version is comped properly and I’ve got all the control I would ever want. Ray switch to the rescue! The projected image doesn’t return any diffuse rays for the shadow catcher shader. Neat little trick!


First light match test



There we go, the first light match is done. Still a few things to fix here and there but I think it’s pretty solid overall.

I captured a HDR with a good range of values (0 to +- 220), so didn’t need to fake any lighting. Then I modelled all the backplate geometry, and projected the backplate picture onto that geo. By doing this I also have the geometry it stands on affecting the lighting of the cg elements, not just the HDRI.

From here on it’s just plug and play. Super fun! Learned a lot by doing this!