Some more textures

Quick update on Theodore – diffuse/zdisp only. Still loads of maps to be painted, zdisps to be sculpted and hair guides to be placed! Feel like I need to scale down the head a bit as well.


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Testing the composition with the dragon

Testing out the composition with the dragon. It’s incredibly hard to get a nice pose for it with the fisheye distortion. The head appears to be massive because of it – I’ll have to find a workaround for this. When I find something I like I can continue to model props, get the actual character in and go on from there. I should be doing a early lighting test soon as well.


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Change Zbrush start-up material

I love the developers over at Pixologic, but I strongly disagree with their taste for start-up matcaps. So I’ve been looking for a way to change the startup material to a custom matcap.

Add this little piece of code to your ‘ZScripts/DefaultZScript.txt’ document in your Zbrush folder.

[IPress,Material: YOUR_MATERIAL]

For example, I love Jesse Sandifer’s matcaps, so I set my default one to ‘z7’

[IPress,Material: z7]

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Select all objects in group (Maya)

Got pretty annoyed about not finding a way to select all objects inside of a group in Maya, so wrote a little code snippet that does it for me.

[python]import maya.cmds as cmds, children=True))

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Fractal generator assignment (Maya/Python)

For my programming assignment here at the NCCA in Bournemouth), I chose to make a fractal generator.

You can generate various fractals through and L-System, and the Pythagorean tree through a turtle library I wrote.

I can’t upload the source code, since other students next year might run away with it. Sorry guys! :-). Feel free to contact me for some advice though. Always happy to help.

Click on the read more tag to.. well.. read (quite a bit) more.

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Little bit of sculpting

The exams are approaching and sometimes I need to find some time to relax, sit down and sculpt. This is what I’ve come up with yesterday evening. No details, just base forms.




And a timelapse for the people that would be interested:

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Leaving the project behind

Sometimes a project hasn’t been planned thoroughly enough, and you lose interest. Well, that’s what happened to this one. I know that it’s heading in the right direction, but can’t figure out what exactly it’s missing. It’s something crucial.

Might pick it back up later though!



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Some new WIPs


tumblr_n2nbebnqts1sinjzio1_1280 (1)


Thought it would be a good time to post some new WIPs, the Elf girl being a character for a personal project, and the very stylised character a design for the BFX Competition I will compete at with the team of student’s we’ve put together.


I’ve bought XrayUnwrap today – a new 10 pound unfolding plugin for Maya. All I can say is that this is a lifesaver for me. No more exporting and importing anymore!

I had to unfold 90 meshes for this character, and did not run into a single problem while doing this. Only took me about an hour as well. Absolutely fantastic.

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Water Drop Generator



I’ve been working on a procedurally generated water drop script as a python / maya university assignment. We could pick anything, so I decided to go for something that hasn’t been done yet – or is available for free.

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Substance Designer Alpha Tester

Today I got an email from the lovely folks at Allegorithmic, apparently I’m one of the 50 lucky people that are in the closed beta of Substance Painter, a really innovative new piece of texturing software. Pretty stoked to start playing with it.. before everyone else!

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First tutorial ever!

As the title suggests – my first tutorial ever. Sculpting workflow and Zbrush basics. Made for my fellow university students, but could possibly be helpful to someone else. Enjoy!

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Traditional sculpt for a change


My hands got incredibly itchy while being sat at home in Belgium, without a computer. So, .. I tried to do a traditional sculpt! About 10cm high. My tools didn’t allow me to do smaller details than this though. Got to work bigger next time!

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MAKING OF Gauthier the happy Chef

During the project, I tried to record my screen as much as possible, to keep me focused. I have a bad habit of always opening my browser without the need for it.

And so I ended up with a lot of footage – of which I decided to make a making of.

Hope you enjoy it!

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Finished “Gauthier the happy Chef”


Gauthier is a happy man. He dreams about working in one of the most respected restaurants in Europe. However – he knows that everyone who wants to reach the top, has to start from the bottom. Because of this, he tries to do his current job – wrapping up happy meals – as perfect as possible.

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3D World Interview


This month the lovely folks at 3DWorld Magazine decided to showcase my work along with a small interview. Extremely honoured to be featured in it. It feels like my first achievement in the big bad world of 3D art!

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