Too much technical talk

Too much technical talk

Have been trying to get Yeti for Maya to work all day without any success. My brain was a bit tired of all the technical talk, so had to sculpt something. About an hour from a base mesh. Lots of trim dynamic.

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5D Mark II

Squirrel 5D Mark II

Got the chance to try out a Canon 5D Mark II today. Pretty piece of hardware! Also took some sneaky pictures in McDonalds today for my chef project. Taking pictures over there was exactly as hard as I thought it would be.

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I’ve been trying out Keyshot as well. Loaded in my lowres mesh, and rendered a turntable. I was able to set up the scene in less than 5 minutes, and I had never touched the software before. Quite impressive.

Keyshot reminds me of the era everyone used Grayscalegorilla’s presets in Cinema4D. Not a big fan of it, but it definitely has it’s purposes. I just prefer to have more control over everything.

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Unfold3D vs UVLayout



I have been comparing UVLayout and Unfold3D today. Not only is Unfold3D’s algorithm a lot better (without doing any tweaking in both programs) – it is also quite a bit faster. The edge-loop and shortest path selection modes are a big plus as well.

I’m definitely going to stick with Unfold.

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Reviving an old project

Gauthier the happy chef WIP 01

I’ve been reviving an old project, Gauthier the sad chef. Because I felt like it, I decided to overhaul the whole character and transform him into a happy chef.

The concept is as following:

He pretends to be a real chef, but actually he’s just wrapping up happy meals at McDonalds. He hopes to work for the best restaurant in Europe one day – but as we all know, everyone has to start at the bottom.

I feel like I have almost wrapped up the blocking-out stage, so I decided to throw in some lights and do some texturing to get a better overall idea. Because I’m far from pleased with the background, I’m going to try and shoot a real fastfood kitchen somewhere downtown next week. Not sure if this will work out, but I feel like it’s definitely worth the try (I’ve got access to a canon 5D mark II – which is far superior to anything I’ve used until now. Exciting!)

Next up is fixing some of the textures on the boxes, sculpting the actual chef (this guy needs a zillion fixes as well) and giving the teapot some legs so it becomes a toy, rather than just a regular Utah teapot.

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